Sister Projects

CENTRINNO, HUB-IN and T-Factor CLUSTER Towards Inclusive, Creative and Innovative Hubs in European Cities!


CENTRINNO is a research project focused on industrial historical sites under transformation.

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T-Factor is a Horizon 2020 project that seeks to unlock the transformative potential of temporary use in urban regeneration.

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HUB-IN is closely cooperating with their “sister projects” that were funded under the same H2020 call: T-FACTOR and CENTRINNO. Together we are building the CENTRINNO, HUB-IN and T-Factor CLUSTER  towards Inclusive, Creative and Innovative Hubs in European Cities!

With their own specificities, the three “sister projects” aim at leveraging international cooperation driven by research & innovation to co-develop new approaches to the regeneration of our cities and their historical heritage. Working creatively and collaboratively across themes such as social innovation, social inclusion, entrepreneurship, culture and creativity, circular economy, temporary urbanism and more, the three projects have the ultimate ambition of creating a network of urban hubs that can show viable ways forward towards the transition to resilient, inclusive and vibrant cities across Europe.

The mission of the CENTRINNO, HUB-IN and T-Factor CLUSTER  is to increase knowledge share and densify the network of hubs among the three “sister projects”, to amplify their results and impacts. Moreover, we are looking for exploring external collaborations and possible partnerships with other programmes, by organising or participating in initiatives that bring together relevant entities or other European projects. By acting this way, we hope to contribute to feeding in cities with new insights and influencing the European agenda towards an innovative urban heritage-led regeneration policy.

The CENTRINNO, HUB-IN and T-Factor CLUSTER opens valuable opportunities for the development of synergies across the three “sister projects” that will be explored in a series of joint activities.

If you wish to know more about the key objectives of each project, their commonalities and differences and the joint activities planned, have a look at the joint Manifesto in our library.

If you wish to learn more about T-FACTOR and CENTRINNO, check out their websites!