Match & Ignite

The Match & Ignite programme guides HUB-IN cities teams on how to recruit and engage with innovators effectively in their local context and HUB-IN missions. This guidance enables them to accelerate diverse forms of innovation in their local Hub and solve city challenges. The programme is highly adaptable to each HUB-IN cities context, their local entrepreneurial ecosystem and local actions.

Match – means connecting innovators to suitable opportunities and the most relevant stakeholders.

Ignite – means triggering and enhancing positive outcomes for the Hub of innovation, the local ecosystem, community and economy.

Are you part of a HUB-IN city team and/or follower city’?  

Register to the Match & Ignite programme on the HUB-IN Academy platform to access activities, tips and resources for learning how to launch your local acceleration and innovation programme. Register here to create your profile and access the programme  today!

Are you part of a HUB-IN city team or an innovator or entrepreneur connected to one of the Hubs and looking for new opportunities? Are part of the HUB-IN network and looking to discover what the other cities are doing with their innovation network? 

Follow this page to learn more about collaboration opportunities arising in the HUB-IN pilot cities.